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Your legal consultant in doing business in Indonesia

What we Offer?

AP Co. as legal consulting offers "one stop services" for your company to seek advice on legal matters, company establishment and also to obtain trademark and patent registration in Indonesia.

Company Establishment in Indonesia

We experience in providing client from various industries, to establish their foreign direct investment company in Indonesia and obtain related business licenses.

Legal Consultation

Reviewing or drafting contract in a country that might have different legal system, you need to appoint a consultant to help you. AP and Co have experienced on this matter.

Register Trademark, Patent or other IP matter

AP Co. can help you to register your trademark in Indonesia Patent Office,

Latest News

OSS - Simplification of Licenses Indonesia government has issued Government Regulation No. 24 Year 2018 regarding Online Business Licensing Services (GR No.24) which was signed and came into effect on 21 June 2018.  See The Online Single Submission (OSS) is business licenses which given in behalf of government institution, governor, or mayor for business by integrated electronic system.  What are the benefits of using OSS? Make it easier to obtain a range of business licenses you need to operate business (location permit (ijin lokasi), environment permit (ijin lingkungan) or building permit (ijin mendirikan bangunan), whether they are issued by the central government with mechanism of compliance the commtment.  Helps to connect with all stakeholders and obtain licenses in a safe, quick and real time way.  Helps to report and solve license problems in one place.  Helps to save licenses data in one Place (NIB - Nomor Induk Berusaha) 

Perbedaan KBLI 2017 dan sebelum KBLI 2017, OSS dan Pengumuman Bersama

Dengan adanya sistem OSS yang baru, untuk pengurusan TDP (Tanda Daftar Perusahaan), Ijin Usaha dan ijin terkait lainnya, banyak ditanyakan oleh pemilik perusahaan bahwa Bidang Usaha yang dicantumkan dalam akta pendiriannya apakah sudah masuk dalam KBLI 2017.

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